• Sparring is something that all martial arts use. There are numerous sports, such as boxing and wrestling that use sparring as well. It is a very useful technique, helping students become better with their techniques and what they have learned. By practicing with other people, students learn their arts better and become more apt at… [Continue Reading]

    Martial Arts Sparring
  • Also known around the world as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is an ancient art of self defense that was created and tested in battle by the fearless warriors of ancient Thailand. Today, Muay Thai is used all around the world. The United States Navy SEALs, Thai military, and even the CIA takes full advantage of… [Continue Reading]

    An In Depth Look At Muay Thai
  • It’s them against you! Your heart’s racing, your mouth is dry, your hands are sweating and you suddenly realize that this is life or death! The „safe moves“ won’t cut it out on the streets… From: Jeff Anderson, President International Society of Close Quarter Combatants Look my friend… I’m not going to waste your time… [Continue Reading]

    Street Fighting Uncaged