Your Questions About Martial Arts Techniques

Ruth asks…

is there any martial arts here that doesn’t require any belts and still teaches for advance techniques?

because there are martial arts that in order for you to learn advance techniques, you should go for exam (belts) before they let you out from beginners class to advance class.

admin answers:

Kokoro gave you some sound advice.
One of my favorite quotes from Renshi Lewis, my instructor is, „Advanced techniques are nothing but basics done in multiples“
You must have the basics down before you can move on. What good would it do you to know that you can knock someone out by striking „point a“ if you can’t hit it?

Sandra asks…

Which style of Martial Arts is best for beginners?

To me it’s not about getting in a fight and winning but something more. I would just like to know which style is the best to practice that gives you more than just fighting technique but a sense of wellbeing.

admin answers:

Traditional Tae Kwon Do all the way. I have BB in Kempo, Bujitsu, and TKD. It does depend on the teacher. Look for a small school who teach the old styles. Martial Arts is an art its great that you alredy see that. Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

What type of martial arts should i learn since im a beginner(hard technique)?

I am 17, pretty strong and play multiple sports and i want to learn martial arts. What type of martial arts is best for a beginnner like me?

admin answers:

If you wan’t something hard go to Kyokushin Karate. Punches of experienced and well trained karateka hurts like hell. And they fight without protective gear 😀 , only kids wear it.

Donna asks…

I have a question to anyone who knows martial arts.?

I am currently interested in knowing the ways of martial arts. It would give me plenty of exercise, discipline, and mental clarity. The problem is I don’t know where to start. There are so many styles and techniques for self defense that i don’t know if I should start at Karate, Tai Kuon do, or what. Will some one tell me where I should start. Like a martial arts for beginners sort of thing.

Also, if there is anyone reading this that lives in colorado, please give me tips on good teachers and classes around here. I am entirely lost.

admin answers:

When you decide to begin training in martial art you have some questions you have to answer for yourself. Are you looking for a sport to play, an art to dedicate a lifetime to, or a quick fix method of self defence? Some combination of that perhaps? Most of us are, or were all three at times. Where do your priorities lie? You must first decide martial art , or fighting sport. The two are worlds apart, although they overlap in several areas, their mindset, and intent are opposite. You have to know also what is available to you. If you have Uechi-Ryu, and Bak Mei in your area, wanting to do TKD would not help you. Of the available options you must decide which one(s) interest you. Then you have to decide (take your time, it’s important) which available instruction is the one for you. You can change or quit if you don’t like it, but better to stay with the program right through (providing the program is a good one) for the best training. Style-hopping has in my experience cost many a martial artist their potential, so choose wisely, nobody here can tell you what to do for you. So do your homework well. Talk to instructors and students, watch classes, take ‚free introductory‘ classes, make your decision. One more thing, good luck

Michael asks…

Looking for a place to learn mixed martial arts in Massachusetts?

I have zero experience but I’d REALLY like to learn some stuff. I’m looking for a place that’d teach me at a beginners level for a month or two, just to learn some basic technique. Anyone know of a place?

admin answers:

I live in the Lowell area. Here’s a place that’s in Tewksbury, I believe: . I’ve met a guy who goes there, but haven’t had the time myself.

BJJ is great, but it isn’t all of the MMA. This school teaches grappling, but they also have Muay Thai and some other stuff. Check the site. I don’t know how they run the classes. The guy I met only does the grappling.

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